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Rat Trouble. Trouble Pilgrims play The Radiators From Space TV Tube Heart Live at The Olympia Theatre Dublin as part of The Boomtown Rats 40th Anniversary Show.

TV Tube Heart was recorded in Lombard Studios in July 1977 and released in Ireland on CBS and on Chiswick in the UK in October of that year. The album was produced by Roger Armstrong and garnered positive reviews on it’s release. “A collection of 13 Spirited rock ‘n’ roll performances” – Sounds. Each song comes across as a classic … the album as an album is stunning”  – Mark Perry. “A great debut  … stands head and shoulders above so much currently going down” – Hot Press.

An opinion not shared by the house engineer who walked out of the session declaring he wasn’t going to work on this “shit”. A move which promoted tape-op Johnny Byrne to that position. Some 38 years later the album got it’s first airing in its original running order in Toners in Baggot Street. A street where the band had often played in the Baggot Inn in those heady days of ’77.

Founding Radiators from Space members Pete Holidai and Steve Rapid still head the band now called Trouble Pilgrims (after their third album and in acknowledgement that the loss of founding member, co-writer and friend Philip Chevron made continuing under the original name an impossibility given Philip’s major contribution to the band). The duo were accompanied by long-time drummer Johnny Bonnie and recent recruits Tony St Ledger and the latest in a long line of bass players Bren Lynott. Bren was in the audience for that performance but joined the band shortly after. The response was overwhelmingly positive and the band played those songs with fire and passion.

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However it had never been the policy of the band to look backwards and new material was constantly being written or sourced. The Trouble Pilgrims first release was a double A-sided 7″ single with a Pete Holidai original Animal Gang Blues sharing the spotlight with a explosive cover of the Bo Diddley classic Who Do You Love?. The band subsequently went into the studio to recording tracks for the debut Trouble Pilgrims album to be released in 2016.

Trouble Pilgrims play Radiators From Space TV Tube Heart

At the request of John Foley of MCD, Trouble Pilgrims were asked to again (for the what could well be last time) perform the TV Tube Heart album in it’s entirety while supporting the Boomtown Rats in the prestigious Olympia Theatre in Dublin (a venue that had previously played for the #chevronlives – Philip Chevron Testimonial). The Rats were doing the 40th anniversary. Pete Holidai and Steve Rapid were also sharing a 40th anniversary of working together as Greta Garbage and the Trash Cans back in 1975.

Being the punks that they are the decided to following their instincts and ditch the final album track Party Line in favor of a brand new song written collaboration by Steve Rapid and Tony St Ledger. Instant Polaroid (The Man On The Bridge). A recording that had been released via iTunes just four weeks before with a superb media response and air play from Paul McLoon, Pat James and Dave Fanning. The reaction confirmed that they were “the best new old band in Ireland” as one fan had posted. It was an exciting evening for the band who delivered the set with energy and conviction following a introduction from their friend and supporter Mr. BP Fallon. A good time was had by all with a lot more to come in the coming year. You can’t run from trouble there ain’t no place that far.

Boomtown Rats Trouble Pilgrims SOLD OUT at The Olympoa Theatre Dublin

Gerry “BITZY” Fitzgerald gets the final word.

Ok, so no one has bothered to write a review of The Trouble Pilgrims gig last Sunday….I ain’t seen any “journos” penning a review…so here goes…
The Rads/Pilgrims took to the stage shortly after 8pm to great anticipation…master of ceremonies BP Fallon eloquently introduced them…”I believe in trouble pilgrims”…
Q Phillip Chevrons ear splitting feedback intro into TV Screen and we were off…Hardly time to take a breath before Prison Bars and Great Expectations were scorched out in quick succession…Remember this was the last time this seminal Irish Debut was to be heard in its entirety…There was hardly any time for between song banter as the songs punctuated the Olympia like a machine gun…the crowd loved it…lapped it up…old men threw down their walking sticks and pogoed for all it was worth…the playing was superb….tight as a camels arse in a sandstorm…The band looked great….Steve rapid resplendent in a white 10 gallon hat accompanied by Pete Holidai in rock n roll jacket and specs…Enemies was the highlight along with Sunday World….Blitzin at the Ritz a cracker…Phillip must have been looking down on them…The Olympia being the last stage he was on…out with the old in with the new in the shape of Instant Polaroid….a classic stomping new record by the pilgrims…then they were gone…14 songs in under 40 minutes….as Steve Rapid closed with “we’re still alive” …and then some…if ya missed it…Tough!!

Gerry Blitzy Fitzgerald-Trouble Pilgrims Gerry “BITZY” Fitzgerald

Psychotic Reaction.Trouble Pilgrims live at The Kilkenny Roots Festival 2015

Psychotic Reaction.Trouble Pilgrims The Kilkenny Roots Festival-Photo Layla Bell

Psychotic Reaction.Trouble Pilgrims at The Kilkenny Roots Festival-Photo Layla Bell

Pilgrim’s Progress having been invited to play the renowned Kilkenny Rhythm & Roots Festival we gathered at our hotel on Saturday morning, Pete Holidai, Johnny Bonnie, Tony St Ledger, Bren Lynott and myself. We decided to go and check out our first venue which was the Left Bank.
 Steve Rapid-Kilkenny Roots Festival

When we play such a festival there are certain things you have to take for granted. You’re not sure of who your audience might be. We’re largely left to your own devices as regards the sound. We don’t really soundcheck as such, we simply makes sure that everything is working and at the allotted time your audience gathers in front of you with that “go ahead, impress me” look. We spot a couple of friendly faces in the audience but we focus on our performance and on giving it your best.

Trouble Pilgrims at The Kilkenny Roots Festival

Three full shows in two days is pretty tough going, but once we start playing and begin to see a positive reaction it give us the energy to deliver a blistering set. Something that was very true of the Pilgrim’s 10.30 slot in Ryan’s. You’re no more that a couple of feet away from your audience, so they can see the whites of our eyes and we theirs. Very quickly we know if we’re are getting through. We did and we had a great time playing a two hour set, including encores, before what was a very lively, interactive and appreciate crowd. Thank you folks, your why we do it. It was the weekend’s highlight.

Psychotic Reaction.Trouble Pilgrims-Photo David Bell

Pete Holidai-Trouble Pilgrims-Photo David Bell

After having retired to the hotel bar to unwind for some much needed r ‘n r. We awoke to a somewhat brighter day (it had rained heavily all day Saturday) and with a full Irish breakfast to gird our loins for the day ahead. We went to visit Willie Meghan in Rollercoaster Records, a central focus of the festival that was stocked with CDs of the visiting acts as well as hosting some in-store performances. We returned to the hotel to change and prepare for the final gig in Langtons. We arrived to find the Sunday clientele was mainly a room full of families out for Sunday lunch. Maybe not the most immediately promising prospect for a hi-energy rock band.

Trouble Pilgrims Brendan Lynott

But we needn’t have worried as, once we started to play, a sizable number of people stood to watch the band deliver another set that, by all accounts from the reaction and responses, hit the spot for many. Including a couple who had come back to see us after having got up at a previous gig and attempted to jive to Psychotic Reaction. They picked a more functional song on this occasion. We got a lively call for an encore and duly delivered a full on Bliztin’ At The Ritz.

 Johnny Bonnie-Trouble Pilgrims

Johnny Bonnie on main street Kilkenny

We came to Kilkenny and we won over three audiences who largely had no idea of who we or our songs were. So thank you Kilkenny, thank you to the Rhythm & Roots organizers and to the PA people but especially to  those of you who came out and listened, danced, cheered and rocked with us.
Trouble Pilgrims_Bren Lynott-Pete Holidai-Johnny Bonnie-Tony St Ledger-Steve Rapid-Ryans Bar Kilkenny

Trouble Pilgrims live at Ryan’s Kilkenny.Photo Barry Hartigan

We hope to be back soon, as we had a great time. So if you’re lookin’ for trouble …

Steve Rapid

Pilgrimage to Rock. Special thanks to Cait O’Riordan and BP Fallon for special performances. Super spins from Karl Tsigdinos. Really special night to wrap up a great Pilgrim year at The Workman’s Club, Dublin. Happy New Year Pilgrims!


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Get out there and get into some Trouble this Christmas – Trouble Pilgrims at The Workman’s Club Dublin Sunday 28th December. Trouble Pilgrims High Energy Rock Since 1974.

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