Trouble Pilgrims Downloads

Instant Polaroid [The Single] by Trouble Pilgrims click on picture to download from Bandcamp

Trouble Pilgrims-Instant Polaroid_CD

Trouble Pilgrims 7inch Single-The Trouble Pilgrims

A new frontier for The Trouble Pilgrims as our bandcamp site goes live. Download our new double “A” single Animal Gang Blues and Who Do You Love? plus two bonus tracks The Girl In The Car and My Girl Is Red Hot. All track were recorded at Orphan Studios Dublin and are co-produced by Gavin A. Glass and Pete Holidai.

Ronnie Norton-Elvis Costello-Steve Rapid-Trouble Pilgrims

Elvis Costello digs the Trouble Pilgrims – Animal Gang Blues c/w Who Do You Love 7″ vinyl
with Ronnie Norton and Steve Rapid

Trouble Pilgrims-Radiators From Space

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