Looking for Trouble?

If you are looking for Trouble Pilgrims – you have come to the right place.

For further information on Trouble Pilgrims contact thetroublepilgrims@gmail.com

Trouble Pilgrims-The Trouble Pilgrims

Trouble Pilgrims.Ben Lynott, Johnny Bonnie, Pete Holidai, Steve Rapid, Tony St Ledger

The Trouble Pilgrims Tony St Ledger,Steve Rapid,Pete Holidai,Aphra O Connor,Paddy Goodwin and Johnny Bonnie - Photo BP Fallon.jpg

The Trouble Pilgrims with Aphra O’Connor – Photo BP Fallon

The Trouble Pilgrims - contact peteholidai77@gmail.com

Contact: peteholidai77@gmail.com

The Trouble Pilgrims - Band

Their set list will be comprised of songs drawn from The Radiators from space albums TV Tube Heart, Ghostown, Trouble Pilgrim and Sound City Beat along with Pete’s solo LP – The Devil’s Guitar and any new Trouble Pilgrims songs that come along the way.


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